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A man came in and asked how much we would offer him for a bracelet.  We offered him $475.  He said he had been offered $425 by a competitor, and he was going to go back and see if they would beat our price.  A little while later he said that they had told him they would match our price, but they would not beat it.  The reason that they would not beat it was “because it would cut into their commission too much.”


A man came in and asked how much he would receive for his gold jewelry.  I offered him $1,125.  He told me he had just left a competitor’s, and the only reason he hadn’t sold to them was because they wanted to give him a check.  The most amazing thing is, they offered him only $495!


A couple came in, having traveled about an hour to get here. They had been to three other stores on the way here, comparing prices. They had mostly 24k jewelry, which is very bright. One of the places they had been to immediately told them that a portion of their gold was plated (fake). The other two places had taken their items in the backroom to weigh and test them. They were unhappy with those stores, so they came to see us. They were very happy to see that we weighed their items in front of them so that they could see the weights. We also gave them the highest offer of any store they had been to, so they decided to sell their items.


Two young men came in to our store the other day. They told us that they had just been to a gold buyer in Temecula. Apparently the other store offered them $180 for their gold and told them part of it was gold plated. They told the first store, “We are going to double check the price with Sun City Coin.” They were then told, “Oh, you know what I forgot to weigh this other pile. Also, this is gold plated, let’s just put that in the pile too.” They upped their offer to $385! When they came to us, we offered them $400. Also, there was nothing gold plated in their items. One more happy customer!

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